Monday, October 3, 2011

Induction Lighting: A Responsible Choice

These days every business, and individual for that matter, is responsible for making more responsible energy choices. As more of us look for feasible ways to “Go Green” induction lighting is poised to step in as the lighting technology of choice. Even though this lighting technology has been in existence for over 100 years, it has only been recently that it has become a viable choice for businesses and individuals alike. But how, exactly, does this type of lighting help in the quest to be make more responsible energy choices?

They Use Less Energy

Induction lighting products use less energy to provide high quality light. In fact, compared to traditional light bulbs, induction lights can provide light, while utilizing up to 65% less energy to do so. Since less energy is used to provide a comparable level of lighting, it's obvious that less resources are used, thus the environment is impacted less. And as more businesses and residences begin to replace traditional bulbs with induction products, the overall energy savings could prove to be astounding.

Less Mercury

The construction of induction lighting products requires only about 1/3 or the mercury used in traditional lighting sources. As you know, the less mercury potentially released into the environment, the better. And since the mercury used in induction lights is in the solid form, there is virtually no negative impact to the environment when the light bulbs are broken.

As politicians, industry leaders and everyday citizens continue to push for more responsible energy consumption, we're all likely to hear a lot about induction light products in the very near future. Any time a technology comes along that is beneficial to corporations and consumers, while helping to protect the environment it's a true win-win situation for everyone. Induction products are sure to light the way for even more “Green” products in coming years.
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