Thursday, October 27, 2011

Induction Lighting Price Made Simple

It’s always been important for companies to save money. But these days, keeping the budget balanced is more important than ever before. As energy costs continue to rise, many businesses are doing their part to save overhead costs by installing energy efficient lighting fixtures. Induction lighting is quickly becoming the preferred energy-efficient lighting technology. So how can a company justify switching to induction lighting? And what is the expected induction lighting price that most companies can expect to pay?

What Are Your Lighting Needs?

It’s impossible to give a cookie-cutter induction lighting price that will cover every business. There are however, some very real numbers that can be crunched to give business owners and management an idea of how much money can be saved by switching from traditional lights to induction lights.

A Quick Demo

Let’s look at a business that has just 50, 320 watt metal halide fixtures. If this company kept these lighting fixtures running for 10,000 hours a year, the total cost for lighting would be approximately $20,240. Now, if those light fixtures were to be replaced with induction lighting, at a cost of roughly $300 per fixture, the energy bill to keep those lights running would be about $5,775.  So, the cost of upgrading the lighting fixtures to induction lights would be recouped within 12 months. After that, companies would be looking at around $15,000 per year in savings.

Induction lightingprice is made even more attractive when you consider the fact that most lights can be burned for 100,000 hours before replacement is needed. In the scenario above, that would mean that the lights would not need to be replaced for 10 years.

As you can see, induction lighting is more energy-efficient than traditional lights, which means that business owners can significantly reduce overhead costs by simply switching to induction lights in the near future.

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