Friday, November 11, 2011

Induction Lights: Smart Lighting for Parking Lots and Roadways

It's always interesting to see what local governments are doing to keep costs down and stay under budget. And in recent years, both businesses and local governments are working overtime to come up with smart, energy-efficient solutions. In fact, there have been some studies done lately, where small towns and cities have made serious efforts to find the most cost-effective, and energy efficient means of keeping their streets well lit. And in nearly all the case studies, induction street lights have been leading the way as the light bulb replacement products of choice.

They Last Longer

One city replaced all of their conventional light bulbs in their street lights with induction street lights. Over time this city realized some huge savings, as they did not have to replace their new induction street lights nearly as often as they had to when their street lights were using conventional bulbs. Since the induction retrofits last nearly five times as long as the older bulbs (under ideal circumstances), it naturally follows that product and maintenance costs end up dropping dramatically.

They Look Great

One thing that many folks have noticed during these case studies is that the light quality achieved with induction lights is superior to the light given off by standard street light bulbs. Nearly everyone agrees that the light generated by induction bulbs is simply clearer and easier on the eyes than traditional HID lamps. And since keeping roadways and parking lots well lit is such a big priority for businesses and governmental agencies, it only makes sense to go with the bulb that provides superior light.

With better light quality and a longer lasting bulb, it's certainly easy to understand why so many businesses and cities are replacing their street light bulbs with induction lights.
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