Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Induction Retrofit Street Lighting: The Benefits

Small businesses, larger corporations and even local governments are all among the organizations that are implementing induction retrofit street lighting, to save money on energy costs and to take environmentally friendly action that benefits everyone. Since there's so much talk these days about induction retrofit street lighting in the industrial circuits, we put together the top three benefits of this new wave of lighting technology.

1.    Induction Retrofits last longer than conventional bulbs. For years lighting up streets and parking lots relied upon standard HID bulbs. As induction technology has progressed over the years, though, many businesses that require bright outdoor lighting have switched to induction retrofit street lighting. These bulbs can last up to 5 times longer than HID bulbs. That means that maintenance expenses are greatly reduced, which is something that every business and municipality can jump on board with.
2.    Induction Lights are Green. As the government continues to increase tax breaks for businesses that implement environmentally friendly operations, it's only natural that business owners would seek a greener way to light up roads and parking areas. Induction retrofit bulbs can easily replace standard bulbs and they use less energy.
3.    Lower energy costs. Speaking of less energy, a lower energy usage results in lower energy bills. Since everyone is concerned with stretching their operating budgets, induction lighting is the obvious way to go.

Less frequent replacements, green initiatives and lower energy costs make induction retrofit lighting the smart choice for lighting up the outside world. And, best of all, many businesses that replace their traditional bulbs realize an almost immediate savings, so the cost of switching to induction lights is easy to quantify in the yearly budget.

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