Friday, November 25, 2011

Progress for Green Lighting Solutions

In recent years there has been an ongoing push for all things “environmentally friendly.” Finding green lighting solutions has been of key concern to business owners, as traditional light bulbs have never been very efficient, so they haven't exactly been considered to be environmentally friendly. In the never ending effort to introduce green lighting solutions in recent years, some pretty exciting breakthroughs have been made.

Here are some of the lighting solutions that have helped spark the energy revolution:

-    CFL Bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs have been popular for a few years now. These twisted little bulbs offer home owners a great alternative to the traditional incandescent light bulb. They last longer and use less energy than the older bulbs, and have paved the way for other green lighting solutions.
-    LED lights. For years, we've all seen LED lights creeping into every facet of life. From flashlights to indoor track lighting, LED products are certainly proving to be some of the most interesting, and energy saving light products currently available. It took a while for LED lights to catch on, but they are making a huge impact on the green lighting industry.
-    Induction Lights. When it comes to industrial sized outdoor lighting fixtures, nothing compares to induction lighting in terms of green lighting products. Induction bulbs can last up to five times longer than traditional bulbs, and they produce a high quality, white light that is hard to match.

As you can see, there have been some major advances in the world of environmentally friendly lighting products. CFL bulbs, LED lights and induction light retrofits are leading the way to light up the world while using less of our precious energy resources.

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