Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reliable Lighting for Gas Station Owners

There aren't many businesses that can stay open without adequate lighting. And this holds doubly true for gas stations. We all know that familiar glow off the highways and byways that indicate that a gas station is open for business, even when all the other establishments have closed up shop. Gas station canopy lights offer customers an immediate welcome and allow people to feel safe as they pull in during the night time hours. But how can gas station owners improve their lighting situation without breaking the bank in the process?

Induction Lights to the Rescue

Gas station owners are beginning to ditch the old canopy light bulbs and are now replacing them with induction light bulbs. Putting induction lights in as the replacement bulbs for gaLONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 1:  The sign...Image by Getty Images via @daylifes station canopy lights provides some potentially huge benefits to gas station owners. Here are a few of the benefits that owners have been reporting:

-    Longer bulb life. Induction light bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours of service. More time up means less time replacing bulbs, so maintenance costs go down over time.
-    Reduced energy bills. Induction lights do not use as much energy to provide high quality light. Less energy used means lower energy bills, which is something that every gas station owner can get on board with.
-    Brighter lights. Induction bulbs burn with a clear, white light that really illuminates outdoor areas well.

With benefits like those mentioned here, it's no wonder that even big gas station chains, like BP are switching their gas station canopy lights over to induction bulbs. Industry insiders are even calling induction lights the wave of the future for business owners and governmental agencies responsible for lighting up parking lots and roadways.
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