Friday, January 27, 2012

Are Induction Lights Green Lighting Solutions?

With all the talk about businesses going green, plus the substantial tax credits that businesses can receive for being more environmentally friendly, it's easy to understand why so many companies are searching for the latest green lighting solutions. After all, lighting, especially street lighting and outdoor industrial lighting, consumes a lot of electricity. When companies can find a way to cut down on this excessive energy usage, it ends up being a good thing for all parties involved.

Induction Lighting: Is it really Green Lighting?

All the talk these days, when it comes to green lighting solutions, is in regard to induction lighting products. How is it, though, that a technology that's actually been in the making for well over 100 years, is leading the way for environmentally friendly lighting products?

There may be no, single answer to this question, but there's no doubt about it – induction lighting products are green lighting solutions. The most basic way that induction lighting products are considered environmentally friendly is the fact that they don't use as much electricity to provide light as traditional HID bulbs do.

By providing high quality illumination (some would say superior illumination) while using less energy, the rest of the green lighting equation basically takes care of itself. Less energy used = less toll on natural, energy producing resources. Less resources used = a green approach to producing the lighting that businesses need.

As you can see, induction lighting products really are a greener way for businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. And since it's simple for businesses to retrofit their existing commercial lighting with induction lights, going green has never been so easy.

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