Friday, January 20, 2012

Why do Gas Station Canopy Lights Need to be Bold?

You can't miss them. Those beacons of light along the back roads and highways. You see them on your way to and from work, as well as when you're traveling across the country.

What are they? Gas stations, of course. Where would this country be without all those gas stations along our roads. Well, for starters, we sure wouldn't get too far, as we all know how important it is to stay fueled up. But there's more to gas stations than simply a place to purchase fuel. These businesses often act as places of refuge for weary drivers to rest for a few moments, check on their vehicles and just to have a safe place to stop on the road.

But for customers to see your gas station, it takes the right kind of lighting. Many people may even wonder why gas station canopy lights need to be bold? After all, wouldn't dimmer lights be more prudent?

Actually, there are a few good reasons why gas station canopy lights need to be bold:

- Security for customers. When someone stops to get fuel for their car, or simply to make a purchase at your station, they want adequate lighting to feel safe and secure during their stop over.
- Security for staff. When your staff members have to do maintenance and cleaning up around the pumps, bright lighting is essential to keeping them safe and secure on the job.
- Visibility. This may be the biggest reason to have bright, bold canopy lights. If no one sees your station from the road, you'll bring in less customers.

Of course, it's smart to keep your overhead energy bills for the station low, while still providing the bright canopy lights your business needs. Many gas station owners are having their old lights retrofit with induction lighting products, as these types of lights are more efficient and result in lower energy bills.

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