Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Induction Street Lights Coming Soon to Your Town

Crime prevention light in JapanImage via WikipediaKeep an eye on your local newspaper or trade magazines, and you may see a headline that says something like, “Induction Street Lights Coming Soon to Your Town!” There's a lot of talk about induction lighting, as these products provide superior lighting, while using less energy and requiring less maintenance to be performed. And since street lights can be notoriously expensive in terms of energy usage and maintenance costs, it's only natural that so many companies and communities are beginning to use induction lighting retrofits to replace their existing, less efficient lighting solutions.

Early Studies are Underway

In fact, there are pilot studies being done all over the country right now. Many small towns are having all of their street lights retrofit with induction lighting. And as these studies are going on, there's some serious number crunching going on behind the scenes. Interested parties want to see exactly how much money is being saved due to reduced energy costs and lower maintenance needs. At the same time, experts are also assessing the performance of induction lights to see how they stack up against traditional, outdoor HID lights.

The early data being returned from these studies is very encouraging. Many of the towns that have had their outdoor and street lights retrofit with induction bulbs have seen instant savings in energy expenditures, and while it takes a bit longer to quantify maintenance costs, the early data seems to indicate that these communities are also looking to save a lot of money by having less frequent replacement maintenance performed on these types of lighting products.

So don't be surprised if you end up reading more than a few of those headlines that say “Induction Street Lights coming soon to your town.” These lights are coming to your area soon – it's just a matter of time.

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